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About Us

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CTC Timber Floors have worked in the flooring industry for 40+ years, working extensively with wooden floors on top-end residential and commercial projects throughout New Zealand. Our experienced and reliable high-quality full service has given us a respected name amongst Designers and Architects.

Timeline of CTC Timber Floors:


Peter Adkins founded CTC Timber Floors in 1976, starting as a wood floor preparation and sanding company originally based out of Christchurch.


Peter ventured over to Melbourne, Australia, to continue growing his business. 

Fun fact, he still does work there with the same people to this day.


In 1985 Peter moved back to Auckland, New Zealand, and expanded into the installation and finishing of timber floors. He also specialised in cork tile and Parquet flooring as it was very popular during this era.


While CTC Timber Floors continued to grow, Peter assisted in the development of the glues for T&G flooring (he still uses these to this day). He also saw a market for non-yellowing coatings on cork and timber floors and started developing systems to achieve this.


Peter went further into developing bleaching systems and coatings that turned Rimu, Matai, Jarah, etc into light colour flooring. This allowed him to manipulate the wood to look modern or more like driftwood.


CTC Timber Floors cemented itself within the high-end market by introducing wide boards (up to 385 W) and achieved demanding finishes of the highest quality. Some floors were hand crafted to get a more aged appearance, using oils and water based coatings, along with the best solvent-based non-yellowing coatings.



It was a time of lots of work but overall things stayed the same for the company.

With the introduction of pre-finished floors taking hold, it left Peter to work on the high-end jobs for over 10 years. 

Our success during this time came from the detail in finding the right timber for the job, sorting flooring heights, stair details, and producing colours for kitchens, and wall paneling that worked with the floors.



Has been a challenge with building costs, building supplies, and long delays in the whole industry. Engineered floors have also become of a higher quality and price and have moved into the high-end market.

With Oak in high demand, we will continue to see an increase in price and supply shortages will become a problem. Peter has been working with other timbers, trying to find a product that still looks great but is less in demand to help reduce costs and long product delays. Do not hesitate to ask Peter about alternatives.

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